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12/01/2021 00:22:57
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How To Choose The High Quality 4x4 Closure wigs

The 4x4 lace closure is purchased by women to create a unique hairline and good looking. A good method of installation of a Closure Wigs will not only bring people a beautiful and natural-looking but also will help to protect people’s natural scalp and hair. How To Choose The High Quality 4x4 Closure


If you want to have a natural and natural Lace Closure Wig , choosing high-quality 4x4 lace closure with bundles is very important. Just as the old saying in China, you will get what you pay for. How to recognize the quality of the 4x4 Lace Closure Wig is a common topic among beautiful women.


How To Apply The High-Quality 4x4 Closure

Now, we will discuss how to sew in the 4x4 lace closure wig with 4x4 lace closure with bundles.


Preparatory work of 4x4 closure install

For a good 4x4 closure sew in, we should first prepare some accessories, such as follows.


The 4x4 closure sew-in wig procedures step by step

1. If you have the long natural hair, you should braid your natural long hair to tidy and thin braids hair, then circle your braids around your head.


2. Clean your hairline and head edge with a cotton swab stained with cleaning alcohol.


3. Wearing the silk base wig cap on your head, cutting the forehead according to your head. The use some uninjurious glue to bond the wig cap and your natural braids. Make sure the wig cap covering the entire head, including the head edge.


4. Place your 4x4 lace closure at the right place of your head, then sewing one side of the closure with the curved needs and prepared string to the wig cap. Make sure using the small and dense stitches. Sewing the best 4x4 closure from one side to another side.


5. After the 4x4 hair closure is sewed, tie up the closure hair gently, then we start to sew in the human hair bundles.


6. The human hair bundles sew in should be from the back of the head. Stretching one bundle of human hair, sewing one edge of the bundle to the place of one side of 4x4 closure. Then Sewing the bundle around the back of the head layer by layer, until sewing a full 4x4 lace closure wig on your head.


7.When you have a full sew in, you should style your 4x4 closure wig, and do some simple maintaining.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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