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14/01/2021 02:43:39
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How To Measure Your Head For Your Lace Front Wigs

Lace Front Wigs are very popular for the lady who loves beauty and would like to make their special hairstyle. Wigs for black women like clothes which change as their mood, seasons, etc. A proper wig can add an impression to others. But how to measure your Human Hair Lace Front Wigs size, some people have no idea.


When you don’t have a wig that fits your head it’s sliding back and it’s bunching don’t have good shape. You will feel annoyed about this, cause you spend a lot of money on these wigs, but the effect is out of your exception. And you still don’t want to use glue, so you are gonna cover how to measure your head.


There were six measurements for 13x4 Lace Front Wig size you need to take:


1) Circumference:

Place the tape flat against your forehead at your hairline and wrap around your head. The tape should rest behind your ears and also sit on the nape of your neck.


2) Front to nape:

Use the measurement from the middle of your forehead, come across the top of your head, then to the bottom. If you can’t operate it well, you can find somebody who does it for you and gets the right size.


3) Ear to ear across forehead:

From ear to ear, across your forehead. For lace front wigs, the size should be 13inch normally, different hair manufacturer uses different sizes, some use 13x4 inch lace frontal, some use 13x6 inch lace closure, if you want your pre plucked wigs hairline long, you can choose 13x6 inch lace closure.


4) Ear to ear over top of head:

Place tape at your hairline at the top of your ears and measure over the top of your head over to your opposite ear.


5) Temple to temple around back of head:

Place the tape measure at your hairline from your temple going around the back of your head to the opposite temple.


6) Nape of neck:

Measure the width of your hairline across the nape of the neck


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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