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15/01/2021 03:41:19
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How To Measure A 4x4 Lace Closure Wig

A Closure Wigs is widely used for women with hair loss, baldness, and alopecia. Women who want to change their look with a new natural hairline also like to wear a 4x4 lace closure wig. People like to wear the Lace Closure Wig with different hair length. Some women like long 4x4 lace closure, some women like short 4x4 lace closure with bundles. But there are also many women said the 4x4 hair closure they received was not the length they want.


How To Measure A Body Wave 4x4 Closure

Body wave 4x4 Lace Closure Wig is highly welcomed because of the fashionable big “S” shape. It also needs no other special treatment procedures, easy for maintaining, easy to keep shape, and long lifespan.


Firstly, put your body wave 4x4 lace closure on a flat table, then pick one hair strand and stretch it to straight.


Second, use your prepared ruler, the start scale should be placed at the root of the hair strand you stretched, then measure the hair along the ruler, until the hair tip is also measured, then the ruler scale of the hair tip shows the length of your body wave 4x4 lace closure. Just as the below picture.


When measuring the length of the body wave and other curly hair, you should attend to stretch the hair, only the hair in the straight condition, you can measure the right length of the hair.


How To Measure A Straight 4x4 Closure

For the straight 4x4 lace closure, this hair texture is the base texture, can be restyled to any curly hair textures, and also can be colored to any hair colors you want. So the straight 4x4 lace closure with bundles sew-in wig is also widely used for women all over the world.


Measuring the straight 4x4 human hair closure is one less step than measuring the body wave 4x4 closure. The straight 4x4 hair lace closure doesn’t need to be stretched because it is already the straight condition.


Firstly, you should also pick one strand of the straight hair from your best 4x4 lace closure.


Second, use the inch ruler to measure the hair from the root to the tip like measuring the body wave 4x4 human hair lace closure.



I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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