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09/07/2021 01:49:04
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How To Fix A Lifting Lace Closure Wigs

People sometimes confuse closures with wigs, but they are not. Closure Wig are more of an attachment used to close a weave in the wig, mainly for people who want a natural look.


There are two types of closures for wigs: 4x4 Closure Wig. They are produced explicitly for wearers looking for a natural style with hair looking like they grow from their scalps.


Typically, it comes in 4x4 inches in size, and it is relatively comparable to frontals but has limitations in styling. It is not similar to a scalp-like material that goes from temple to temple. It is way more complicated than that.


There are many different styles to choose from – three-part, free part, and middle part; however, the free part closure is the most preferable.


Three-part Lace Closure Wigs allow you to segment your hair in three different ways, while a middle part closure leaves you with only one style choice. While the two options, as mentioned earlier, give your reservations in styling, on the other hand, the free part closure is the most preferred choice because it gives you the freedom to part your hair in any way you want.


How Do You Fix A Closure On A Human Hair Wig?

Sometimes, unexpected things happen, such as wardrobe malfunctions. If you fear not knowing what to do, here are simple solutions for you to fix your human hair wig in case the need arises. Whether it lifts off your head or it is thinning out way too much, these issues are straightforward to fix:


How To Fix A Lifting Closure?

Put some glue under the edge of the wig closure while you are wearing it.

After it dries for a few seconds, add another layer of glue.

To the front of the closure, apply some pressure.

Use some holding spray to secure it in place.

Run to your stylist if you all else fails.

Brush some eye shadow into the affected part for a quick fix.

For a more permanent fix, dye it with temporary hair color.

Fill it in with an eyebrow pencil in the same color as the dye or eye shadow.

Put some concealer along the affected part to give it a natural look.


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