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04/08/2021 02:44:07
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How To Wear A Ponytail In 360 Frontal Wig

Ponytail can be said to be one of the most used hairstyles for girls. For African American women, 360 Curly Wig and full lace wigs can help them to complete this style well. In this article, we will discuss what is 360 Lace wig and how to make a ponytail hairstyle with 360 wig.


What Is 360 Lace Wig

The 360 wig is a 360-degree natural hairline appearance similar to a full lace wig. 360 lace wig is lace around the hairline, a round special material in the middle, with hair sewn on it.

People often use 360 front closure to sew wigs, which can greatly save time and money. You will need fewer hair bundles to achieve the stitching style of the entire wig.360 Wet And Wavy Wig


How To Make Ponytail in 360 Wig


1. Choose the right 360 lace front wig

There are many kinds of 360 lace wigs, such as 4/27360 lace wig, 360 Water Wave Wig, body wave 360 lace wig, deep wave 360 lace wig, highlight360 lace wig and other ‘long and bouncy’ 360 lace wigs,360 Deep Wave Wig. If you want to make elegant and flexible hair, choosing a long wig can help you accomplish this well.


2. Wear a 360 lace wig

How to wear a 360 lace wig is a skill that every woman needs to master. The 360 lace wig with pre-pulled baby hair can ensure that you can design your hair into different hairstyle styles, such as ponytails.


3. Collect your 360 lace wig and comb it into a high ponytail


Utilize your fingers to brush your 360-trim Remy human hair hairpiece, then, at that point pull all the hair back. Then, at that point slant your head, run your fingers through the 360 lace wig , and tie it into a pony tail. Delicately scour again with an oar get. Keep on pulling your hair upwards until you are agreeable.


4. Style your 360 lace wig

If you want to make the style of the ponytail more durable, you can apply some styling products to some parts of the hair that need to be styling after combing 360 people’s hair into a ponytail.


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