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19/08/2021 04:22:40
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How Does Work A Gluess 5x5 Wig

For the scalp sensitive to glue or beginners, who hope to have a hat structure that can be used as a safe way to wear. For many HD Lace Closure, glue is needed to put the glue on the head. However, for 5x5 wigs, No need to do this step, this blog is for you to understand how the glue-less 5x5 wig works and its applicability.


How does the glue-free 5x5 Closure work


The internal structure design of the 5x5 wig cap without glue is very safe. Usually, it has three combs sewn into the left, right and back of your hat, and it is matched with an adjustable strap to adapt to your head. You can adjust the size of your head. Adjust the strap until it feels right.


The lace part of the 5x5 Closure Wig is in the middle. You can separate your hair in this area like separating your scalp. Around it, you can use a machine to sew your hair into a breathable and comfortable elastic net. The whole wig is natural and comfortable to wear and fits the head size.


Glue-free 5x5 Lace Closure is a non-glue-free lace closure wig. The lace part extends along the hairline. It is completely different from traditional lace wigs that should be installed with glue or gel.


Why apply 5x5 wig



Glue-free wigs are the safest to use. You can wear them all day long because they are harmless to our healthy and natural hair and can be easily removed while protecting our natural hair, hairline and skin.



The separation space between 5x5 wig and 4x4 wig is relatively small, and the wig can be worn without falling off without using glue. You don’t need to prepare anything to change or take off the wig anywhere. At the same time, it reduces the trouble of removing the wig with years and removers, saving you a lot of time and making your daily wear. Gives a natural look.


Just like your natural hair

Real human hair wig is like your hair. Wearing it almost without gravity can make you feel good and ensure the natural breathing of the scalp. Therefore, for the health and comfort of your head, we recommend that you choose one with baby hair. 5x5 closure human hair wig.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit



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