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09/11/2021 20:08:07
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How To Comb Curly T Part Wig

Combing curly hair is an important aspect of care wigs. You can use the correct way to comb, can't cause harm to your wigs. This article is about how to comb Curly Wig.


What Is T Part Wig


T Part Wig Is Also Named 13x4.5x2 Lace Front Middle Part Wig,4.5inch deep part, furthermore, wig cap with 3 combs on both side and back.


How to comb curly T lace wig


It is well known that combing different textures or types of hair cards will also be different, so the Middle Part Wig is performed according to hair quality, and the hair is combed using different methods.

Bring comb

For naturally straight hair, body waves, and loose fluid wigs, it is recommended to comb your hair with a wide teeth comb because this hair is more easily combed and will not easily lose shape.


Use finger to comb hair

If your hair is Jerry curly, Kinky Curly, Afro Kinky Curly. You must use your fingers to comb, avoid hair loss or damage to your hair.


fluff your curly wig gently with your fingers, curly hair ,or wavy hair, can lose curl if it is brushed too much, it will be easy tangling if you comb the small curly hair with combs。


The steps of concrete combing curls are as follows:

1. Separate your hair

Divide the hair into several parts, if your curly hair is tighter, try to divide your hair into smaller and more parts.


2. Using the defending product

A good tool is to use the product to assist unstoppable entanglement. Spray the anti-entangle spray on the hair or gently apply the anti-wrenching agent on the hair, then the hair will be easier in the next operation.


3. comb the hair slowly

always use a wide-tooth comb, and start working from the bottom, and then gradually start to comb from higher place.


4. brush baby hair

After combing infants, make sure you use a smaller brush to combat so that your baby's hair is processed into a desired pattern.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visiting

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