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27/08/2020 03:29:54
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How to Style Straight Human Hair Wigs

The best way to wear a Straight Hair Wigs is by being creative. Show your flair and attitude by adding fun details to the style that makes it your own.


1. Flowing Curls

Switch the vibe of a Straight Lace Front Wigs with simple curls. To make this style look its best, you need to know your hair. Human hair requires different methods of care. You can apply loose or tight curls with the freedom to straighten it again with heat. There are methods to curl overnight and with hot water to avoid damage from hot irons. Following the instructions of your Straight Bob Wig increase the probability of success. Time is also good for curls because it allows for a wavy finish.


2. A Splash of Color

Don’t be afraid to get wild. If you don’t buy your wig in the ombre style you want, you can make your own. Coloring a human hair wig adds personality. It is as easy as a wash. If you start with a dark shade, it’s a bleach away. Get bold and try a bright dye. Experimenting with your own color also cuts the cost of your initial purchase.


3. Laid Edges

Having baby hair on a wig makes the hairline look natural. This style is best when applied to wigs with lace that matches your makeup and skin tone. If the wig is thick, you will need tweezers and a lot of time to pluck. Pull strands of hair from the frontal but do not remove too much. The balding look isn’t in style. When laying the baby hair, find a good holding gel or wax that agrees with your wig type.


If you want to try a different color of straight hair Bob wig, Mslynn Bob Straight 360 Lace Front Wig will be a choice. Just like other wigs on our site, the sizes of this wig also vary from 8 to 16 inches to meet different users' requirements. The base material is Swiss lace, which is very popular these days. This wig will definitely bring you a whole new experience.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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