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26/06/2021 02:16:14
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The purpose here is that your attempting to escort RuneScape

We have an pvp spellbook partner, its called anceints, even lunar has veng! Its incredibly hard to pvp as a mage, your cartoon instantly tells the opponent what your max strike is OSRS Fire Cape, where archers can pull out a crossbow or distinct bolts to take people by surprise, so people never understand a warriors power so its hard to know his max hit, its alot safer to battle a pure mage...


This spellbook will NOT work by allowing mages reach 50s, it is going to operate by useing subtle methods, think as a warlock out of WoW. Why can't you just hybrid? Pure archers exist, Pure strengths exist, Tank archers exist (defence iis NOT a mellee stat), rune pures exist, but a pure mage is moot, its costly and a waste of time taking into consideration the purchase price of d-hide... Mages deserve to hold there head up large as a genuine battler...


don't hesitate to ask your questions. The charms. I will go deeper on how to unlock those, I have the idea, it jsut needs finetuning, it entails a dungeon miniature quest which needs a spouse, unlocking every bout 1 by 1.


Increases your aims strength and attack by 10%. Increases your goals vary by 10% There defence is reduced by 40% AND the helm slot, body slot along with slot slot lsoe all magic defence bonus, doesn't effect negative bonuses. The promotes and defence fall return to normal when combat is engaged with another person, this is to prevent ridicullous exp. Sets a timer above your goals head OSRS Buy Gold, after 1 minute that an quantity of harm is caused which maxes at 10. This may be dispelled by the target eliminating everything worn out and then replacing it.

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