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09/09/2021 21:53:54
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Loose Deep Wave Hair VS Kinky Curly Hair, Which One You Prefer?

As autumn coming, curly style hair has been more and more popular among black women. They prefer to choose curly style hair to finish their style, it can make the whole look more elegant and fashionable, and this season- autumn usually can take people a romantic feeling, curly style hair can do a great favor at this part. Today let us introduce two best selling curly style hair, loose deep wave hair and kinky curly hair in Wiggins hair store.

What is loose deep wave hair?

Loose deep wave hair can be defined as loose wave hair and deep wave hair mixture, it not only have loose wave hair big curly pattern, but also have deep wave hair hard crimp style wave pattern, it is a new kind of perfect mixture, since it showed up in human hair market, many customers are crazy for the loose deep wave wigs. People love this kind of hair, it can take a very luxurious and elegant look.

What is kinky curly hair?

Kinky curly hair is a traditional curly style hair, compare with loose deep wave hair, it has a small and curly wave pattern, it's wave pattern is more tight and dense, it can make your look more voluptuous and young.

Similarities between loose deep wave hair and kinky curly hair

Hair material: it is 100% human virgin hair, come from one donor, it can be dyed, permed, bleached and straighten, the hair is soft, no shedding, no tangle. The hair can last long time with good care.Both two hair are easy to restyle other hair look.

Hair texture: Brazilian Hair and Malaysian Hair and Peruvian Hair and Indian Hair four hair textures are available on our website.

Hair length: bundle is 8-28 inch, closure and frontal is 8-20 inch, for hair wig, it is also 8-28 inch available in Wiggins hair store

Hair styles: both hair wig and hair bundle are available, these two styles hair bundles are machine double weft, no split, healthy hair end, and for hair wig, there are five wig styles available for loose deep wave hair and kinky curly hair, 13 * 4 lace frontal wig, 13x6 lace front wig, 4 * 4 lace closure hair wig, 5x5 closure wig, 13 * 6 * 1 T lace part hair wig, you can choose this freely.

Differences between loose deep wave hair and kinky curly hair

The main difference on these two styles hair is hair wave pattern, there are two different wave pattern, one is gorgeous and bouncy wave pattern, another is tight and curly wave pattern, so that it can take two totally different hair look. Another difference is on the hair care part, compare with kinky curly hair, loose deep wave hair is more easy to maintain and manage due to it's more loosen wave pattern, if you are a beginner, loose deep wave hair will be a better choice for you.

Lastly, hope this article is useful for you all, Wiggins hair anniversary big promotion going on, both two hair are on sale now, you can choose one as your like.

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