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05/07/2021 02:26:44
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How To Install A Curly Headband Wig Step By Step

Let's see this Headband Wig, it's actually a half wig if it doesn't have the headband in the front, so this is going to be the first curly textured headband wig that I actually have a headband attached now.


You can wear this black headband, but if you get a Curly Headband Wig that's a little more narrow like maybe that pearl headband that they sent earlier, you can just fold this headband and put it on and then put your other headband on top and that'll help to cover this black band.


This is the velcro attachment that's used to secure your Headband Wig Human Hair. You just place it on top and then it's nice and secure. It also comes with additional combs now, this comb at the top, I typically do not use because it creates a great deal of tension at the top of my head.


It does have a comb at the bottom now this one doesn't have combs on the side. I really wish it did because those are the combs that I usually use, but we'll figure out how to make it work.


1. Make your 4b 4c natural hair wig prep. Let natural hair as flat as you can. If you want to make it flatter, you can use a little gel to deal with the hair edges. If you have good edge control, you can choose don’t use gel.


Anyhow, the gel is optional. But you should know how to protect your skin when you use the gel. Pack the back of your hair with a wig cap. Then using a scarf to cover your hair to wait for the gel dry.


2. Wear the headband wigs, adjust the position. Use a clip to pack the hair, adjust the band on the back first. Make sure the size is suitable for your head.


The band extends and elastic. So don’t worry about the hairband will stick the hair. Headband wigs are easy to install, grab, and go.


3.You can wear a headband or just use the black headband which the wigs take. While colorful headbands help you create colorful hairstyles.


See, install a headband wig is easy and quick, you can make a ponytail or change different headband, or braid the hair to make a long braid which seems smart and vivid.


You can leave small strands to wrap around the braided hair to make the hair more natural. So you have a cute long funny ponytail. Updos is also a welcome hairstyle suitable for most people.


Anyhow, headband wigs are easy to install and various hairstyles half up/ half down hairstyle, a high Bun with the headband wig, and headband wig outro/ glueless wig install option.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit


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