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06/07/2021 02:50:42
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How To Wear A 360 Wigs In Hot Summer And Stay Cool

As we all know, 360 Wigs can boost people’s confidence and charm, especially for those people who have experienced hair loss. And many women prefer human hair wigs rather than synthetic wigs because of natural looks. However, you may feel uncomfortable, sweaty, and heavy when wearing a human hair wig in so hot weather. Now it is time for us to share some tips about how to wear a 360 Lace Wig in hot summer at ease and stay cool, and let us keep reading together.


Wash Wigs Regularly

Although washing your wigs too frequently may cause harm to your wigs, it is very essential to wash your 360 Lace Front Wigs regularly during the hot summer. After all, excess oils and sweat caused by the high temperatures will accumulate on the wig cap, which is easy to make you feel heavier and hotter, and even will injure your wig cap and wigs. Therefore, we sincerely suggest that the human hair wig should be washed after wearing10 times, while synthetic wigs need to be washed after 15-20 times wearing.


Besides, you must pay attention to follow the proper way of washing the wig and use some hair spray to keep the wig healthy. There are some steps about how to wash a wig you can look at as a reference in the following picture.


Choose Lighter Colored Wig

When you wear a wig on a hot day, it is a great choice for you to choose a lighter colored wig as possible as you can. That is because the lighter color doesn’t absorb as too much heat as the dark color so as to keep cool in the hot summer. Therefore, choosing some lighter colored wigs will have some impact on how you feel in the high temperature and may make a different feeling. For example, 613 blonde wigs, honey blonde wigs, highlight wigs, and so on. Now pick up a wig and choose a favorite color to stay cool!


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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