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06/07/2021 22:01:56
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How Does Headband Wig Human Hair Work

Everyone knows that a Headband Wig is very convenient. It can instantly change a person's style and appearance. Do you want to know how a headband wig works? Please refer to this blog to help you understand the relevant content.


How does a Curly Headband Wig work?


Here are a few steps to install a human hair headband wig.


1. Weave braids with natural hair and wear sock hats

After combing the hair back and flattening it, braid the ends of the hair so that it will be easier to put on the cap.

Comb the baby's hair and start making baby hair with a brush.


2. Put on a Headband Wig Human Hair and tie the strap to your head


Put the headband wig directly on the head, then insert the comb in the appropriate position and connect the Velcro. After using the Velcro to lock the headband part, it feels like you won't go anywhere, and don't worry about it falling off.


3. Start styling

You can apply lotion to your hair to make your hair look more shiny. You can also design your hair into a ponytail and a bun like a bun. Finally, wear a headband to help you hide the black headband.


How to wear a headband wig according to the face shape


Since wearing a headband wig will drag all your hair to the back of the hairline, you must analyze your face shape to get the most suitable headband wig texture. Face the mirror and look at yourself: start with the following analysis , According to different face types, headband wigs produce different effects. You must know how to choose a headband wig to have better results.


1. Oval face

The length of the oval face is larger, it is best not to push the hairband too much back, because the hairband may look higher on your head, so push the hairband into your hairline to see It looks better, so it doesn't increase your head height and looks very natural.


2. Long face

When wearing a headband wig, you can choose curly or braided hair for your long face. Putting a wide headband on the top of your head will look more suitable.


3. Round face

If you have a round face, you should choose middle-to-upper straight or curly hair. Such long hair will help increase the length of your face and visually repair your face.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit


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