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06/07/2021 22:02:44
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How To Take Care Of Wigs For Every Hair Type

Taking good care of your Lace Front Wigs is important to make it look natural and long-lasting. There is nothing worse than looking stale hair, just like people always wash their hair before going out, just want to keep the hair in a good condition. Read the tips to make your wig look fresher, fuller, and more natural at all times.


How to take care of wigs


1. Wash your Curly Lace Front Wigs

Before you wash your lace wig, wet your hair by spraying leave-in conditioner or wig detangling agent on your hair. This will make the hair softer and prevent unnecessary tension and pulling of the hair when combing. Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, long hair, short hair, colored hair or natural black hair, you must wash your hair regularly. You only need to wash your Human Hair Lace Front Wigs about once every two weeks.


2. Comb your hair properly

Brush your lace wig with a straight hair brush or wide tooth comb to remove the tangles at the bottom, gently upwards, this will ensure minimal shedding.

Note: Combing the hair from the top may cause the hair to fall out, break or become tangled due to excessive pulling.


3. Soak the wig with warm water.

Pour a little shampoo and warm water into the spray bottle, and spray the shampoo on the hair. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to comb the shampoo onto your hair. Remember to start from the end of the hair.

Note: Do not apply shampoo to your hair as it may cause tangles.

It is recommended to use a sulphate-free shampoo, which can keep the hair hydrated and help prevent the hair from drying out.


4. Use special adhesive for wigs

If you are new to wigs and wigs, it is a good idea to start with short-term retention time. Using adhesives to make you more comfortable can also make wigs last longer. Second, when choosing tape, each strip can only be used once, so this may be a consideration when deciding how often to remove the wig. The adhesive is gentler than wig tape and can protect your wig.

Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair wigs can last a long time as long as they are properly maintained.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit


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