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01/09/2021 01:53:28
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How To Wear A 5x5 Wig As A Beginner

5x5 HD Lace Closure is a great wig at a good price. If you are worried that the price of real human hair wigs cannot be afforded, 5x5 wigs can help you solve this problem. There is no other choice if you want a popular and comfortable wig. Next, I will share with you how to install a 5x5 Closure as a beginner.


How to wear a 5x5 wig for beginners


1. Make sure your natural hair is safe

First, braid your hair and make sure that the hair is flat on your head. You need to braid your hair into tight braids. The purpose of this is to prevent natural hair from standing up to avoid looking unnatural after wearing a 5x5 Closure Wig.


Then, after fixing the tresses, comb any excess hair. The combing direction is from the outside to the inside. This will help you hide your natural hair. Choosing to use a toothbrush for combing 5x5 Lace Closure will have a better effect, because the brush head of the toothbrush is delicate and can comb the smaller hair as much as possible.


2. Put on a cap

Slowly put the wig cap on the head in the back direction, and then pull the wig cap to the edge of the hair, making sure to cover any natural hair.


3. Put some liquid foundation on the forehead

The purpose of this is to blend lace and skin with the same color to make the appearance of the hairline look more perfect.


4. Tape or apply glue to your hair cap

For safety, you can use glue on your 5x5 wig cap.


5.Put on your beautiful wig


6.Fix the hair with clips


7.Adjust the position of the wig


8. Cut hair and pluck your baby's hair

Take out some natural hair from your forehead and cut off the excess hair with scissors. The remaining hair is used to make your baby's hair. In order to hide your natural hair color as much as possible, you can use tweezers to pluck your baby's hair.


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